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Facebook announced recently its new Sports Stadium

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Facebook on Thursday announced its new Sports Stadium -- built with no taxpayer dollars or city leases required.

About 650 million sports fans already make Facebook the world's largest stadium, the company reasoned

The new hub will compile and chronologize game-related content in real time so that "you can get the feeling you're watching the game with your friends even when you aren't together," said Steve Kafka, a product manager at Facebook.

The hub itself is organized by tabs labeled "Matchup," "Friends," "Experts" and "Stats."

Matchup offers an overview of the action, highlighting the latest big plays and fan reactions to go with them. Novel here is the ability to share plays from the hub to a timeline.

Remarks from paid and unpaid experts are funneled into either the Friends or Experts categories. The Experts tab is reserved for individuals discussing the game from verified accounts -- people such as sports analysts, journalists and chatty celebrities.

As for the Stats tab, it's dedicated to the facts and statistics related to a given game.

The Facebook Sports Hub is available via iOS, but it isn't a standalone app. It's a feature that lives inside the core Facebook app, and it will be available on other platforms in the coming weeks, according to Facebook.

While starting with U.S. football, Facebook plans to add other sports soon.

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